Love Speaks

He is my oxygen, and love is the air I breathe. He is the life I choose to live, yes, life has choosen him for me.


Inspirational Song

I write the songs he sings or sang to me when he holds my body, or when he touched me in the way that drives me crazy. I write with each beat that plays, with even the ones that lingers in my brain, as I remember the way we moved, and how we danced to […]

Teary Eyed Dreams

There was a time I use to think only Happy thoughts, Like those that make you Smile in your sleep. But I no longer dream Such dreams, For tears now flow from My eyes literally And it happens when I see your face. Yes, when I close my eyes And suddenly you’re there. No one […]


Rain on me.. Soak me completely Yes, Show me you love me As you wash my pains away, For I am drained. I need help to feel sane, To feel the same way I felt When I saw myself, When I washed my face To feel like myself, This morning. Rain hard on me, So […]


Caught up in my emotions, I have no where to go; I’m trapped by the thoughts in my head, I’m surrounded by emotional pain that I’m yet to explain what it is. May God forgive me of my sins, for I believe that they are many which is why I continue to feel like this. […]

This Way I Feel..

There seems to be in me, feelings of depression, yes, that once upon a time non existent in my dreams only feeling, lingers deeply. But it’s a feeling that only hugs, yes a manly one filled with only love for his woman can dissolve; right now it’s not too bad. There seems to be just […]